Notes for Applicants

The Chartered Teacher of English scheme follows the highly successful Chartered Teacher schemes already available in Science, Geography and Mathematics. The status of Chartered Teacher confers a distinction on its holder in recognition of high level of general expertise in the English subject area as well as indicating a commitment to the continuing development of knowledge and pedagogic skills.

What is the Purpose of the designation?

Chartered Teacher of English Status has been created to indicate and acknowledge a level of sustained professional achievement acquired by practising teachers over a significant period. It should be seen as the educational counterpart of such designations as Chartered Engineer, Chartered Accountant, or Chartered Surveyor.

The designation will enhance the professional standing of individual English teachers and will encourage their continuing commitment not only to English as a subject, but also to the teaching of it. It aims to raise the status of English teaching as a professional activity, and to set its holders at the forefront of their profession.

Apart from the personal advantage to the holder, the status of Chartered Teacher will be of value to employers and also to parents, governors and others with an informed interest in education, who will see it as an authoritative acknowledgement of professional distinction. (Note: ‘English’ as used throughout this document includes primary school Literacy).

Who may apply?

Anyone with a minimum of four years’ involvement in the teaching of the subject (pro-rata for those in part-time employment) at any level from pre-primary to higher and continuing education; also those involved for working for local authorities in the English subject area.

Are there any particular requirements?

All applicants must

  • be members of a recognised and professional English subject association (The English Association, NATE, UKLA, NAAE)
  • accept the principles of the professional code of conduct
  • meet a basic qualifying educational standard
  • demonstrate evidence of involvement in CPD, and of collaborating with others in developing the teaching and learning of the subject
  • be able to provide, by means of self-valuation, evidence of competence in a number of professional areas (knowledge and understanding; practice; professional attributes).

Further details of these requirements are contained in this section via the menu on the left.

How does the application process work?

There are two annual deadlines for applications: 30 June and 30 November.

Applicants working to the June deadline will be informed of the outcome of their application by 30 September of the year in question, and those working to the November deadline will be informed by 31 March of the subsequent year.

Applicants should initially request or complete an application form and notes of guidance from The English Association. Applicants will be required, apart from the application form, to submit such additional written evidence as it requests. It will also require a job description, and a statement of support by one or more referees. The assessment fee of £100 must be included with the application. The English Association will carry out an administrative check to ensure that all documentation is present and correct. The material will then be forwarded, anonymously, to a member of the board of assessors, who will communicate a decision to the English Association who will then inform the candidate. The teacher’s name will then be added to the Register of Chartered Teachers of English.

What happens if an application is unsuccessful?

Feedback will automatically be provided to all applicants. If the applicant is not satisfied with the outcome he/she has right of appeal to the Board of Trustees of the English Association who are, under Royal Charter, ultimately responsible for the administration of the scheme. Unsuccessful applicants may subsequently reapply after one year if they choose.

What review of Chartered Teacher of English Status is there?

Chartered Teachers of English will be required to submit evidence of how they have kept their skills up-to-date for purposes of re-accreditation every four years.

Are there any costs involved?

There is an initial assessment fee of £100, payable on application, and an annual accreditation fee (from the second year onwards) of £20. The re-accreditation fee is £50. This is in addition to subscription costs of any professional association involved.

How many teachers are expected to qualify for Chartered Teacher Status?

There is no upper limit on the number of Chartered English Teachers. Other subject schemes have quickly attracted substantial numbers of successful applicants.

I am not sure if I fulfil the requirements, or if this is an appropriate status for me. What should I do?

Apart from the printed information for applicants which it provides, further help and advice is available from The English Association.

The English Association University of Leicester LE1 7RH Tel: 0116 229 7622 Fax: 0116 229 7623