CTE Application Form

CTE Application Form

Before completing this application form, applicants should read Notes for Applicants. On the Application Form the criteria for the award of CTE are described with brief accompanying notes appearing in italics.

You can also apply using a downloadable Word document Application form

Further advice and guidance will be published on the EA website from time to time at: www.le.ac.uk/engassoc/CTE

The cost is £100, with a £20 annual fee from the second year onwards. This is in addition to any subscription costs of any professional association involved.

You can also contact the Registrar on 0116 229 7622 or by email: hl11@le.ac.uk

* denotes a compulsory field. Text fields expand as you type.

Email address*

Title as you wish it to appear on the certificate

As you wish it to appear on the certificate.

As you wish it to appear on the certificate. Please note: if your degree certificates were issued under a different name, please include this here as well.

Home Address*
Your certificate will be posted to this address

Subject Association membership*
You must be a member of the English Association, The National Association for the Teaching of English, The United Kingdom Literacy Association or the National Association of Advisers in English to be considered for the award of CTE. Please select the Subject Association of which you are a member

Please quote your Subject Association membership reference*
As you wish it to appear on the certificate.

Please give details of your qualifications*
To be considered for this award you need to meet the following qualifying educational standards: First degree in English or a degree where English is a significant component, or, in the case of a degree in a subject other than English, evidence of substantial development of expertise in the subject. Evidence of continuing postgraduate involvement with the subject. Please give evidence of your degree(s) including title, class, date and institution. Copies of degree certificates can be uploaded directly (below), sent via email as image files (jpg or pdf) or as photocopies by post.

Degree certificate upload
If you wish you can upload copies of your degree certicate(s) in either jpg or pdf format

Please give the date you were awarded QTS*
To be awarded CTE you need to have a minimum of four years experience of teaching English following QTS (or equivalent) of which two should involve an appropriate level of responsibility.

Please give brief details of your current role in your institution or school*
Please provide an outline of current teaching and other responsibilities in your present post. Equivalence: For teachers in the independent sector or those working in other settings, who do not have QTS, you will normally need six years relevant and demonstrable experience.

Please list membership of professional bodies, key courses and other professional activities*
To be awarded CTE you need to have engaged in, and reflected on, appropriate professional development during the qualifying period. Please provide brief details here.

Signature of applicant and date. You must work within the professional code of conduct for Chartered Teachers of English*
You are signing to confirm that the details you have given are to the best of your knowledge correct and that you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct issued by the English Association with respect to CTE and you accept that any breaches of the Code of Practice will be dealt with under the Disciplinary Procedures. Please note, if awarded CTE your registration details will be published on the English Association's Chartered Teacher of English website at www.le.ac.uk/engassoc/CTE and you agree to this. Signature can be accepted electronically provided it is sent from the primary email address recorded earlier.

Self-Evaluation Statement and Portfolio of Evidence*
Please refer to Notes for Applicants

Principal Supporter*
The applicant for the award of CTE must be supported by a principal supporter. The principal supporter will have known the applicant professionally for at least three years and not be closely related. Please give the name and contact details of your principal supporter here. You may also wish to supply details of up to two additional supporters. We will then write to the principal supporter, with a copy of your application, asking them to sign the form. The principal supporter is confirming: a) that they support the applicant for the award of CTE b) that they have had sight of the original certificates for qualifications referred to above.

CPD Requirement
Please note that there is a requirement to maintain a CPD record in order to maintain your CTE status. We expect all CTEs to be constantly planning, undertaking and reflecting on their professional practice. Consequently the CPD record should be output based and appropriate for the individual. Further advice will be available in due course from the English Association.

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The £100 assessment fee is now due. To pay by PayPal please click the relevant button. To pay by cheque, please make your cheque payable to The English Association and send it to us at the address on the left: please indicate that it is payment for Chartered Teacher of English.