About CTE

The status of Chartered Teacher confers a professional distinction on its holder in
recognition of a high level of general expertise in the subject area, as well as
indicating an ongoing commitment to personal professional development.

The CTE designation is ratified by the English Association, whose Royal Charter, granted in 2006,
enables it to do so, on behalf of the whole English subject teaching community.

CTE aims to enhance the professional standing of individual English teachers and sustain their
continuing commitment to English as a subject, and to the teaching of English, by means of
ongoing professional review and development. It also seeks to raise the status of English teaching
as a professional activity, and this includes Literacy, as in primary schools.

If you have an English degree or equivalent, have been teaching English for at least four years, have
an ongoing commitment to CPD and embed your professional development in your teaching, you
are an ideal candidate for CTE.